Inside Bitcoin Marketing Team: An Interview with Jamie McCormick

Bitcoin Marketing Team is a specialist Bitcoin marketing, advertising and communications company based in Dublin, Ireland ran by Jamie McCormick who has brought his nearly decade of experience in the online video games industry with McCormick Advanced Marcomm into the digital currency arena.

Inside Bitcoin Marketing Team: An Interview with Jamie McCormick

Bitcoin Marketing Team is a specialist Bitcoin marketing, advertising and communications company based in Dublin, Ireland ran by Jamie McCormick who has brought his nearly decade of experience in the online video games industry with McCormick Advanced Marcomm into the digital currency arena.

Since leaving the games publishing industry in 2014 it seemed like a logical idea for someone with his expertise in the games industry and marketing technology design to delve into the crypto-currency sphere which was starting to penetrate into the mainstream around this time.

Having managed and analysed over €10,000,000 worth of advertising over 7 years, they have extensive experience negotiating, integrating, managing and optimising advertising campaigns across major providers including Google, Facebook, Twitter, among other leading international advertising and affiliate networks.

They work with bitcoin budgets of all sizes to generate traffic and leads to your website. All advertising campaigns are tracked with their proprietary Chrysalis marketing middleware platform, giving full transparency on every click, and advanced after conversion behavioural analysis.

I have personally known Jamie for quite some time now and would say he is a great supporter of the Bitcoin landscape travelling all over Ireland, North and South to sponsor and attend meet-ups, trying out newly installed ATMs, checking out the latest businesses and products using and accepting the digital currency and writing impartial reviews on his website BitcoinsInIreland about these experiences.

To be honest listening to Mr McCormick talk about his marketing techniques to someone who doesn’t grasp the technical side of his Chrysalis marketing platform can leave your head spinning with a sense of awe at how little you really know about how this all really works and makes you realise this is an area definitely best left to the experts.

CTUK: Hello Jamie and thanks for this interview. I know you came to the Bitcoin industry from a successful marketing career in the games industry, what were the biggest influencers in making this a final decision?

JMcC: Thanks for having me on CoinTelegraph UK and for covering the local Irish bitcoin scene! It was a combination of things that made me make the jump into bitcoin. In the Irish Games Industry, there are very few local marketing job opportunities in games publishers. I could have continued my career in games, but it would mean emigrating, which I don’t want to do. And having independently researched and published for three years about the local games industry, I couldn’t see any local developers at the point where they need someone of my level. So I decided to strike out on my own. I looked at several sectors where my background would be useful, and given that I worked with virtual currencies in free-to-play games since about 2006, bitcoin seemed (and has proven to be) an exciting industry to get into, giving me and my team the opportunity to work from Dublin with companies across the world, which complements the work I do on the non-bitcoin side of the agency.

CTUK: Can you see any similarities between the gaming industry and digital currency ecosystem and if so what are they?

JMcC: From a marketing point of view, both are very specialised niches. Both have a very exciting blend of technology and people, and in principle, many companies operating on the blockchain have similar needs than those needed by an indie developer or game studio, notably they have a product or service they want to attract people to, get them using it, and hopefully monetise them later on. They both use similar channels, and there was a natural overlap. The blockchain also has some great potential opportunities for video games, whether it’s games built on the blockchain completely, or using bitcoin addresses to register and pay through, as opposed to emails and credit cards.

CTUK: What are the pros and cons to businesses in the industry in using your services as compared to other marketing companies and techniques already available out there?

JMcC: I’ll start with the cons, there’s probably some people out there who know the technology underpinning bitcoin better than I would, but from my own point of view, I bring over a decade of experience in high-end and high volume digital marketing and communications from my time in games, and we’ve had an opportunity in the past year to work with bitcoin exchanges and companies in the bitcoin gambling sector which have shown us the work we’re doing has a lot of crossover and validated the decision.

CTUK: I have talked to you on numerous occasions about the benefits of your Chrysalis marketing middleware platform, can you explain to our readers how this proprietary protocol actually works and what benefits’ it gives over other similar platforms?

JMcC: In short, it lets you see the cause and effect for what does and doesn’t generate the kind of behaviour you are expecting from online advertising or communications activities – at a very granular level. It allows you to compare and contrast advertising and marketing activities on the same benchmarks, and allow you to identify waste, fraudulent activity, and positive behaviour, and work with your advertising suppliers to switch off, recover or focus spend accordingly.

Chrysalis doesn’t only allow you to run comprehensive analysis across all of your communication and advertising channels, it also frees up a considerable amount of time for your marketing staff to focus on creative work. Chrysalis streamlines the reporting efforts, one of the most repetitive and time consuming aspect of digital marketing. We’ve been very happy to be running this for over a year now in the bitcoin space.

CTUK: Finally Jamie, where do you see the Bitcoin marketing industry and how important will it be in to use the right techniques building up the digital currency industry and ecosystem over the next two years?

JMcC: It is difficult to foresee the future in the online sector, let alone a highly specialized sector like crypto currency. That being said, despite the best efforts of the doomsayers announcing the end of BTC every year, we still see new companies entering the market, directly or indirectly. So there is definitely space for a specialist agency like Bitcoin Marketing Team. Marketing budget is a finite resource, and it’s correct application becomes more and more important. It can be a major contributor/the deciding factor for a company to either fail or grow in the online sector.

In our case though, we have to turn away many more enquiries than we accept because of our internal rules.  We won’t work with anonymous services, whereas maybe some of the others out there may be less particular who they accept as clients than we are.

Specialist Marketing skills combined with bitcoin experience are also relatively rare, as few people have had the time to build up specific experience in the area, and many of those that did have been snapped up by big names in the sector, where they’re confined to work on a limited number of projects. So that’s where we definitely see room for our company to grow even further.