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Cointelegraph Audience

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Special Projects

Special pages tailored specially for you and your goals in unique design.

Possible activities: quiz, interactive map, contests, giveaways, etc.

Native Advertising

Sponsored story

With CoinTelegraph native style content, your sponsored article will appear in alignment with all other content on the site. Readers will see your post seamlessly in the infinite scroll experience as they read through CT stories. The key difference is the organic exposure to the content instead of the reader intentionally clicking on the content to be seen.

Company blog

Company blog on CoinTelegraph is the best way to increase the awareness, as well as gain trust for your brand in the community - as posting news and stories about your company and its products allows you to connect with the audience in a transparent manner, and on a radically more personal level.

Press release

Having your press release published on the Cointelegraph main page can help you take your business to the next level. After the initial publication, your release will stay near the top of the page for at least 24 hours, during which time you will be able to directly reach almost the entire audience of our site.


Cointelegraph Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing

We center our efforts on creating content which encourages readers to share it, visit the site and register/buy the product or service. As a result you will have developed Social Media Channels, content plan for future posts and a ready sales generating funnel in your Social Profiles. The main goal of this instrument is generating leads, increasing sales and traffic in general.

Marketing Strategy Development

After conducting the analysis and understanding current problems/opportunities, we set measurable objectives and build specific online strategy for achieving your business goals. Strategy consists of the general digital pla, content and strategy plans for 6 upcoming months at least.

Marketing Materials Development

Do you know what materials you need to promote your product? We have vast experience in creating efficient pitch-decks, banners, slides, brochures, presentations, media kits etc. Our designers and marketing managers will provide a consultation and create everything based on your request.

Business Development

You seek advisors, partners, expertise and trust? We will help you to build relationships, expand your partner network and grow your business using our connections and knowledge about the community.

Media Buying

Team of experts will help you organize media buying campaign with maximum efficiency offering you best conditions on CPA/CPA platforms


Please send your requests on regards of placement and formats to